Dimethomorph Model : 50%WG, 50%WP

  • Description
Dimethomorph(CAS No.110488-70-5) is a local systemic fungicide with good protectant and antisporulant activity. Only the (Z)- isomer is intrinsically active, but, because of rapid interconversion of isomers in the light, it has no advantage over the (E)- isomer in practice.


Dimethomorph Useage 
Dimethomorph is a fungicide effective against Oomycetes, especially Peronosporaceae and Phytophthora spp. (but not Pythium spp.) in vines, potatoes, tomatoes and other crops. Used in combination with contact fungicides, and applied at 2.0-2.5 kg formulated product/ha. 


Dimethomorph Available formulation
Dimethomorph 50%WG(WDG)
Dimethomorph 50%WP


Dimethomorph Packaging details 
Customized 1G~25KG for solid formulations.


Dimethomorph applicable crops
vines, potatoses, tomatoes, oilseed rape
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