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Thiodicarb Model : 75%WP, 35%SC

  • Description
Thiodicarb (CAS No.59669-26-0) is a insecticide with predominantly stomach action, but also limited contact action. As a seed treatment, rapidly translocated systemically through the plant. Molluscicide which provokes paralysis and death.


Thiodicarb Useage 
Thiodicarb is used for controlling of all stages of major Lepidoptera and Coleoptera pests and some Hemiptera and Diptera on cotton, soya beans, maize, vines, fruit, vegetables, and many other crops, at 200-1000 g/ha; seed treatment rates are 2500-10 000 g/tonne. Also used as a molluscicide for control of slugs in cereals and oilseed rape.


Thiodicarb Available formulation
Thiodicarb 75%WP
Thiodicarb 35%SC


Thiodicarb Packaging details 
Customized 1G~25KG for solid formulations.


Thiodicarb applicable crops
cotton, soyabeans, maize, vines, fruit, vegetables, cabbages, 
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