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Posted on 2013-05-30
Today let us talk about triazole fungicides.
What is triazole fungicide? This kind of agrochemical contains the same structure which are hydroxyl (or ketone), substituted benzene and 1,2,4-triazole on the backbone. When diseased crops be treated with them, the synthesis of ergosterol for fungi will be inhibited and the pathogen died because the hurt of cell membrane. Copyright Essence.
The special mechanism and broad fungicidal spectrum make triazole fungicides widely used all over the world. Such as Cyproconazole, Difenoconazole, Diniconazole, Tebuconazole, Myclobutanil and Uniconazole, these are highly-effective, low toxic and low residue systemic fungicide and the sales have exceed 2 billion USD per year, which account for over 20% of global fungicide market. Copyright Essence.
Another important function of triazole fungicides is the regulation of plant growth. The special structure affects plant hormone such as gibberellin, abscisic acid (ABA) when applied, and then enhances the resistance to negative environment of crops.
Some experiments demonstrated that Paclobutrazol, Triadimefon and Hexaconazole heighten the photosynthesis level through accumulate more chlorophyll in cell and more CO2 between cells. Meanwhile, triazole fungicides enhance the activity of enzymes which are response for canceling metabolic wastes and poisons. These features make them a multi-functional pesticide, which can kill pathogens, strengthen crops and increase production at the same time. 
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However, the triazole fungicides are invalid against downy mildew and downy blight diseases caused by Oomycetes, due to the different structure of fungal cells. These pathogens can be controlled by fungicides such as Metalaxyl and Cymoxanil, according to specific situations.
When using triazole fungicides, carefully notice the dosage and applying time. For example, over-dose of Triadimefon before earing will make wheats unproductive. Besides, Difenoconazole and Copper fungicides can not be applied at the same time. 
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Use pesticide mixture products is very simple and economic way to control crop diseases and avoid resistance happened. Triazole fungicide plus Strobilurin fungicide will be a powerful agrochemical with strong effect and low resistant risk, such as Essence fungicide mixture product Azoxystrobin + Difenoconazole, and Epoxiconazole + Kresoxim-methyl, can be used to deal with various kinds of plant diseases.
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