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Don't feel dizzying about so many pesticide mixtures, they can be customized as you wish.
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  Product Information Model Description  
Imidacloprid + Thiram 17.5%+10%FS, 25%+10%FS, 35%+10%FS, 25%+20%WS Multifunction pesticide mixture
Imidacloprid + Cyfluthrin 2.5%+2.5%EC, 7.5%+2.5%EC Broad-spectrum insecticide mixture
Imidacloprid + Abamectin 10%+1.5%WP, 40%+1.8%WP Broad-spectrum insecticide mixture
Beta-cyfluthrin + Imidacloprid 5%+10%SC, 10%+40%SC Powerful insecticide mixture
Acetamiprid + Beta-cypermethrin 20%+10%WP Broad-spectrum insecticide mixture
2,4-D Isobutyl Ester + Propanil 20%+35%EC, 24%+24%EC Broad-spectrum herbicide mixture
Thiram + Carboxin 17%+17%FS, 20%+20%FS, 20%+20%SC, 37.5%+37.5%WP, 37.5%+37.5%WS Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture
Dimethomorph + Mancozeb 6%+40%WP, 12%+60%WP Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture
Azoxystrobin + Difenoconazole 20%+12.5%SC, 25%+15%SC Powerful fungicide mixture
Fludioxonil + Metalaxyl-M 25g/L + 10g/L FS Powerful fungicide mixture
Hexaconazole + Azoxystrobin 30%+10% SC Powerful fungicide mixture
Abamectin + Methoxyfenozide 2%+8% SC Powerful insecticide mixture
2,4-D-ethylhexyl + Florasulam 453g/L+6g/L SE Highly-effective herbicide
Niclosamide Ethanolamine + Metaldehyde 25%+1%SC, 2%+3%GR Powerful molluscicide mixture
Folpet + Triadimenol 70%+2%WP Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture
2,4-D-sodium + Metsulfuron-methyl + Chlorimuron-ethyl 76%+1%+1%WP, 75%+0.7%+1.3%WP Powerful herbicide ternary mixture
Acetamiprid + Cypermethrin 1.6%+7.2%EC, 15%+5%SL Broad-spectrum insecticide mixture
Acetamiprid + Lambda-cyhalothrin 23.5%+2.5%WG(WDG), 1%+1.5%EC, 3%+3%EC Broad-spectrum insecticide mixture
Butachlor + Propanil 35%+35%EC Powerful herbicide mixture used in rice
Carbendazim + Chlorothalonil 25%+25%SC Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture
Carbendazim + Diethofencarb 25%+25%WP Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture
Chlorpyrifos + Abamectin 14.8%+0.2%EC Broad-spectrum insecticide mixture
Chlorpyrifos + Cypermethrin 45%+4.5%EC, 50%+5%EC, 50%+5%EW Broad-spectrum insecticide mixture
Chlorpyrifos + Dimethoate 27.8%+22.2%EC Broad-spectrum insecticide mixture
Cyproconazole + Difenoconazole 0.63%+3%SC Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture
Deltamethrin + Fipronil 0.4%+0.2%DP Broad-spectrum insecticide mixture
Difenoconazole + Propiconazole 15%+15%EC, 25%+25%EC Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture
Dimethomorph + Copper oxychloride 6%+40%WP Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture
Epoxiconazole + Carbendazim 12.5%+12.5%SC Powerful fungicide mixture
Epoxiconazole + Kresoxim-methyl 12.5%+12.5%SC Powerful fungicide mixture
Folpet + Fosetyl-aluminium 25%+50%WP Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture
Imidacloprid + Mancozeb 20%+30%WS Multifunction pesticide mixture
Imidacloprid + Metalaxyl + Carbendazim 10%+10%+10%WS Multifunction ternary pesticide mixture
Imidacloprid + Metalaxyl + Thiram 10%+10%+10%DS Multifunction ternary pesticide mixture
Imidacloprid + Pencycuron 14%+15%FS, 14%+15%SC Multifunction pesticide mixture
Imidacloprid + Tebuconazole + Metalaxyl-M 20%+2%+20%WS Multifunction pesticide mixture
Lambda-cyhalothrin + Imidacloprid 5%+15%SC Powerful insecticide mixture
Mancozeb + Metalaxyl + Chlorothalonil 48%+6%+18%WP Broad-spectrum ternary fungicide mixture
Metalaxyl + Copper oxychloride 15%+35%WP Effective fungicide mixture
Metalaxyl + Tebuconazole 0.64%+0.48%WS Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture
Propiconazole + Cyproconazole 25%+8%EC Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture
Propiconazole + Prochloraz 25%+5%EC Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture
Pyridaben + Abamectin 10%+0.5%EC Powerful Acaricide mixture
Pyridaben + Propargite 7%+19%EC Powerful Acaricide mixture
Tebuconazole + Triadimenol 22.5%+7.5%EC, 22.5%+7.5%SC Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture
Thiram + Thiophanate-methyl 30%+50%WP Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture