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Pesticides that are used in the control of pests of public health significance
  Product Information Model Description  
Lambda-cyhalothrin Lambda-cyhalothrin 25g/L SC, 50g/L CS, 10% WP Public Health Insecticide
Niclosamide ethanolamine Niclosamide ethanolamine 250g/L SC, 5% GR, 11.9g/L SO, 83.1% WP Phenolic organic molluscicide
Niclosamide Niclosamide 10g/L SO Molluscicide
Permethrin + S-bioallethrin Permethrin + S-bioallethrin 161.5g/L + 7.1g/L EW Mixed insecticide
Permethrin + Tetramethylfluthrin Permethrin + Tetramethylfluthrin 4% + 1% EW Pyrethroid hygienic insecticide
Metaldehyde + Niclosamide ethanolamine Metaldehyde + Niclosamide ethanolamine 10g/L + 250g/L SC Molluscicide
Dinotefuran Dinotefuran 40% SG, 0.5% Gel Nicotinic insecticides
Bifenthrin Bifenthrin 100g/L SC, 50g/L CS Pyrethroid insecticide
Chlorpyrifos Chlorpyrifos 1% Gel, 480g/L EC Cockroach killing drug
Fipronil Fipronil 0.5% DP, 25g/L SC, 25g/L EC, 0.3% Gel Phenylpyrazole insecticide
Pyriproxyfen Pyriproxyfen 0.5% G, 5% EW, 10% EW Chitin synthesis inhibitor
Alpha-cypermethrin Alpha-cypermethrin 45g/L SC, 8% WP Pyrethroid insecticide
Beta-cypermethrin Beta-cypermethrin 45g/L SC, 8% WP, 45g/L EW, 0.1% Gel Pyrethroid insecticide
Chlorfenapyr Chlorfenapyr 240g/L SC New pyrrole insecticide
Deltamethrin Deltamethrin 25g/L SC, 2.5% WP, 0.05% Gel Pyrethroid insecticide
Imidacloprid Imidacloprid 100g/L SC, 350g/L SC, 2.5% Gel Nicotinic insecticide
Pirimiphos-methyl Pirimiphos-methyl 300g/L CS, 500g/L EC Organophosphate fumigant insecticide
Temephos Temephos 1% GR Organophosphorus insecticide
Indoxacarb Indoxacarb 150g/L SC, 0.5%Gel Oxadiazine insecticide
Metaldehyde Metaldehyde 400g/L SC, 6% GR Snail - killing agent
Abamectin Abamectin 0.1% Gel Insecticide, acaricide and nematicide
Spinosad Spinosad 250g/L SC, 50g/L SC, 2.5% GR Highly effective biocide
Thiamethoxam + Muscalure Thiamethoxam + Muscalure 10% + 0.05% WG/WDG Control of fly
Alpha-cypermethrin + Meperfluthrin Alpha-cypermethrin + Meperfluthrin 10% + 2% WP Pyrethroid health insecticide
Permethrin + Meperfluthrin Permethrin + Meperfluthrin 40g/L + 10g/L EW Pyrethroid sanitary insecticide
Propoxur Propoxur 2% Gel Cockroach killing bait
Beta-cyfluthrin Beta-cyfluthrin 75g/L SC, 10% WP Pyrethroid insecticide
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