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Jiangsu Aijin Agrochemical Co., Ltd. (the former of it is Nanjing Aijin Chemical Co., Ltd.) is located in No.58, Shuangxiang Road, Hongshan Fine Chemical Park Zone, Liuhe District, Nanjing, China. It covers an area of 38, 000 square meters and the warehouse and office building area can be 16 thousand square meters. The total investment can be 137 million yuan. It is professional in the R&D and production of pesticides and the annual out put can be more than 10 thousand tons.
Essence-Group-Gate-View-Manufactury-of-Pesticide-Formulation Essence-Group-Factury-View-Manufactury-of-Pesticide-Formulation
It mainly manages the export of pesticide processing mixture reagent. The enterprise owns professional pesticide R&D ability as well as aqueous suspension agent, powder agent, water decentralized grain, missible oil production equipments and liquid reagent automatic separate line and powder separate lines. In the control of quality: it owns high pressure liquid phase color spectrum, gas phase chromatography, size distribution exterminator and moisture exterminator and other test equipments. The management and control talents are all from the National Pesticide Research Institute. They has more than 10 years, experience of pesticide research. The enterprise has higher start with such professional management technology team,
The management of the enterprise is to integrate all the resources all over the country and processes to the reagent needed by the international market.
Essence-Group-Liquid-Formulation-Manufactury-of-Pesticide-Formulation Essence-Group-Liquid-Formulation-Packaging-Manufactury-of-Pesticide-Formulation


Annual Output
Liquid formulation workshop:
SC, FS : 5000KL per year
EC, ME, SL, AS: 6000KL per year
Solid formulation workshop
WP, SP, WS: 3000T per year
WDG (ball&column): 1000T per year
Essence-Group-Storage-2-Manufactury-of-Pesticide-Formulation   Essence-Group-Storage-Manufactury-of-Pesticide-Formulation