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Essence insecticide products including common insecticides as well as acaricides and molluscicides.
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  Product Information Model Description  
Thiodicarb 75%WP, 80%WG(WDG), 35%SC, 40%SC Insecticide, Molluscicide,59669-26-0,
Thiamethoxam 10%WG(WDG), 25%WG(WDG), 70%WG(WDG), 75%WG(WDG), 30%FS, 35%FS, 20%SC, 24%SC, 20%WP, 70%WS Neonicotinoid systemic insecticide
Tebufenozide 10%EC, 20%SC, 24%SC Ecdysone agonist insecticide
Pyriproxyfen 10%EC, 10.8%EC, 5%EW, 5%ME Agricultural & hygienic insecticide
Propoxur 50%WP, 75%WP, 20%EC, 10%ME contact & stomach-toxicity insecticide
Pirimiphos-methyl 50%EC, 55%EC Insecticide & acaricide
Niclosamide 25%EC, 25%SC, 30%SC, 50%WP, 60%WP, 70%WP,1%SO,5%GR,25SC Molluscicide, Insecticide
Methomyl 10%WP, 25%WP, 40%WP, 20%SL, 20%EC, 35%SC, 90%SP Systemic insecticide and acaricide.
Lambda-cyhalothrin 2.5%EC, 5%EC, 4%SC, 10%SC, 12.5%SC, 5%WP, 10%WP, 15%WP, 20%WP, 25%WP, 5%CS, 10%CS, 30%CS Widely-used & powerful insecticide
Isoprocarb 20%SC, 50%EC, 50%WP Insecticide with neurotoxicity
Hexythiazox 5%EC, 10%EC, 10%WP, 10%SC Acaricide against eggs and larvae
Hexaflumuron 5%EC Insecticide inhibit chitin synthesis
Fipronil 2.5%EC, 5%EC, 3%GR, 5%SC, 10%SC, 20%SC, 25%SC, 35%SC, 80%WG(WDG) Broad-Spectrum Insecticide
Fenvalerate 10%EC, 20%EC, 20%EW Insecticide & acaricide
Emamectin Benzoate 1%EC, 1.9%EC, 3.5%EC, 10%EC, 5%WG(WDG), 6%WG(WDG), 5%SG(WSG) Biological insecticide & acaricide
Diflubenzuron 10%SC, 48%SC, 25%WP, 75%WP, 75%WG(WDG) Insecticide of growth regulator
Diazinon 25%EC, 48%EC, 50%EC, 60%EC, 5%GR, 10%GR, 14%GR Insecticide & acaricide
Deltamethrin 1.25%EC, 2.5%EC, 2.5%SC, 5%SC, 2.5%ULV, 2.5%WP, 5%WP, 25%WG(WDG) Agricultural & hygienic insecticide
Chlorpyrifos 20%EC, 38.7%EC, 40%EC, 48%EC, 15%GR, 75%WG (WDG) Wellknown & broad-spectrum insecticide
Chlorfenapyr 10%SC, 15%SC, 24%SC, 25%SC, 25%EC, 70%WP, 80%WP Powerful insecticide & acaricide
Cartap 50%SP, 50%WP Insecticide of nereistoxin
Buprofezin 10%EC, 25%FS, 25%SC, 40%SC, 50%SC, 50%WG(WDG), 70%WG(WDG), 25%WP Insecticide & acaricide
Beta-cypermethrin 4.5%EC, 4.5%ME, 50%WP Agricultural & hygienic insecticide
Beta-cyfluthrin 2.5%EC, 5%EC Widely-used insecticide
Acetamiprid 3%EC, 20%SL, 30%SL, 20%SP, 25%SP. 10%WG (WDG), 20%WG (WDG), 40%WG (WDG), 70%WG (WDG), 70%WP, 80%WP Widely-used insecticide
Acephate 30%EC, 40%EC, 40%SP, 75%SP Organophosphate insecticide
Abamectin 1.8%EC, 2%EC, 3.6%EC, 5%EC, 6.5%EC, 1.8%EW, 5%WG (WDG), 6%WG (WDG) Biological insecticide & acaricide
Alpha-cypermethrin 5%EC, 10%EC, 10%SC, 5%WP Agricultural & hygienic insecticide
Amitraz 12.5%EC, 20%EC Acaricide & insecticide
Azamethiphos 10%WP Agricultural & hygienic insecticide
Bacillus thuringiensis 16000 IU/mg WP, 32000 IU/mg WP Well-known Biopesticide
Bifenthrin 2.5%EC, 10%EC, 10%FS, 20%FS, 10%SC, 40%SC Insecticide & acaricide
Carbosulfan 20%EC, 25%EC Insecticide with neurotoxicity
Clofentezine 50%SC Acaricide against eggs and larvae
Cyfluthrin 10%WP, 5%EC, 10%EC, 5%EW Agricultural & hygienic insecticide
Cypermethrin 10%EC, 15%EC, 20%EC, 25%EC, 50%EC, 10%WP Agricultural & hygienic insecticide
Cyromazine 50%SP, 75%SP, 75%WP Agricultural & hygienic insecticide
Diafenthiuron 25%SC, 50%SC, 50%WP Insecticide & acaricide
Dicofol 3.6%EC, 18.5%EC, 20%EC, 36%EC, 46%EC, 48%EC, 25%WP Acaricide
Dimethoate 30%EC, 40%EC Insecticide & acaricide with neurotoxicity
Fenpyroximate 5%EC, 5%SC Insecticide & acaricide
Flufenoxuron 10%EC Insecticide & acaricide of growth regulator
Imidacloprid 20%FS, 48%FS, 60%FS, 3%SC, 20%SC, 30.5%SC, 35%SC, 60%SC, 10%SL, 17.8%SL, 20%SL, 25%WG(WDG), 70%WG(WDG), 25%WP, 70%WP, 70%WS Well-known & powerful insecticide
Indoxacarb 14.5%SC, 15%SC, 15.8%EC, 30%WG(WDG), 35%WG(WDG) Insecticide against Lepidoptera
Lufenuron 1%EC, 5%EC Insecticide & acaricide of growth regulator
Metaldehyde 6%GR, 12%GR, 40%SC, 80%WP Molluscicide for agriculture and horticulture
Nitenpyram 10%SL, 80%WP Insecticide of neonicotinoid
Permethrin 10%EC, 50%EC, 25%WP Agricultural & hygienic insecticide
Profenofos 40%EC, 50%EC, 72%EC Insecticide & acaricide
Pymetrozine 25%WP, 50%WG(WDG),30%FS Insecticide against aphids
Pyridaben 13.5%EC,15%EC, 20%WP Insecticide & acaricide
Teflubenzuron 15%SC Insecticide of growth regulator
Tetramethrin 15%EC Insecticide with contact action
Thiacloprid 21.7%SC, 24%SC, 48%SC, 36%WG(WDG) Insecticide with neurotoxicity