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Isoprocarb Model : 200g/L SC, 500g/L EC, 50%WP

  • Description
Isoprocarb (CAS No.2631-40-5) is a insecticide with contact and stomach action. Fast-acting with moderately long residual activity.


Isoprocarb Useage 
Isoprocarb is used for controlling of leafhoppers (at 900-1200 g/ha), planthoppers, aphids, capsids, bugs, etc., on rice, cocoa, sugar cane, vegetables and other crops.


Isoprocarb Available formulation
Isoprocarb 50%WP
Isoprocarb 200g/L EC
Isoprocarb 500g/L SC


Isoprocarb Packaging details 
Customized 1G~25KG for solid formulations.


Isoprocarb applicable crops
cocoa, rice, sugarcane, vegetables, 
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