Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is Essence Group a manufacturer or a trader?
We are integrated company focusing on manufacturing, processing and exporting of pesticides formulations. The productivity of our manufactury, Jiangsu Aijin Agrochemical Co. Ltd., has become stronger and stronger. We are professional in processing diverse forms of formulations, mixture technique. We also have advantage on product sub package.
In charging of the sales of Essence Group, Nanjing Essence Fine Chemical Co. Ltd. has a professional team in agrochemical trading, we can supply various formulations and technical of pesticides according to the requirements of our customers worldwide.


2. What products do we strongly recommend to our customers?
We strongly recommend Niclosamide for its active effect on controlling of golden apple snail in rice, and herbicide safeners especially AD-67 and Dichlormid. We also has powerful production line for common pesticide formulations such as imidacloprid, glyphosate, etc. You are free to contact us for more details.


3. What formulations do we supply?
We can supply diverse kinds of formulations on regular basis such as wettable powder (WP),water dispersible granules (WDG), water soluble powder (SP),suspension concentrate(SC), flowable concentrate for seed treatment (FS), soluble concentrate (SL), emulsifiable concentrate(EC), micro-emulsion(ME) etc.


4. What services do we supply?
We supply quality services according to the customers’ demand such as manufacturing, technology cooperation, registration cooperation, formulation processing, exporting-importing services, and also agrochemical consulting. We are willing to take any challenge to meet your needs with all efforts.


5. What countries do we have made registrations for exported products in?
Asia: India, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, SaudiArabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Yemen
Africa: South Africa, Mali
Europe: Albania, Turkey, Ukraine, and Yugoslavia
South America: Brazil


6. Are samples supplied?
Yes, samples customization is available.
We can supply samples accordingly. You are free to contact us for samples.


7. How many categories of registration certificate in China?
They are Certificate for Pesticide Registration and Certificate for Pesticide Temporary Registration, among which the temporary registration may be cancelled in the near future in China.


8. What does MRL, PHI, ICAMA mean?
MRL is short for maximum residue limit.
PHI is short for pre-harvest interval.
ICAMA is short for Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture.