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Niclosamide Model : 250g/L EC

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Niclosamide (CAS No.50-65-7) and Niclosamide olamine(CAS No.1420-04-8) are Molluscicides with respiratory and stomach action.


Niclosamide Useage 
Niclosamide (olamine) is used for controlling of golden apple snail in rice. Control of schistosomiasis and fascioliasis in man by killing fresh-water snails which act as intermediate hosts. Also used for veterinary control of tapeworm infestations.


Available formulation
Niclosamide 250g/L EC

Niclosamide Packaging details 
10ML ~200L for liquid formulations, 1G~25KG for solid formulations.


Niclosamide applicabled crops
rice, public health.

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