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Buprofezin Model : 100g/L EC, 25%WP, 250g/L SC, 250g/L FS, 500g/L SC, 50%WG/WDG, 70%WG/WDG

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Buprofezin (CAS No.69327-76-0) is a persistent insecticide and acaricide with contact and stomach action; not translocated in the plant. Inhibits moulting of nymphs and larvae, leading to death. Also suppresses oviposition by adults; treated insects lay sterile eggs.


Buprofezin Useage 
Buprofezin is insecticide with persistent larvicidal action against Homoptera, some Coleoptera and also Acarina. Effective against Cicadellidae, Deltocephalinae (leafhoppers) and Delphacidae (planthoppers) in rice, at 50-250 g/ha; Cicadellidae (lady beetle) in potatoes; Aleyrodidae (whitefly) in citrus, cotton and vegetables, at 0.025-0.075 g/ha; Coccidae, Diaspididae (scale insects) and Pseudococcidae (mealybugs) in citrus and top fruit, at 25-50 g/hl; Tarsonemidae in vegetables, at 250-500 g/ha. Suitable for IPM programmes.


Buprofezin Phytotoxicity
Slightly phytotoxic to Chinese cabbage.


Available formulation
Buprofezin 100g/L EC
Buprofezin 250g/L FS
Buprofezin 250g/L SC, 500g/L SC
Buprofezin 50%WG(WDG), 70%WG(WDG)
Buprofezin 25%WP


Buprofezin Packaging details 
Customized 10ML ~200L for liquid formulations, 1G~25KG for solid formulations.


Buprofezin applicable crops
rice, potatoes, citrus, cotton, vegetables, top fruit.

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