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Chlorfluazuron Model : 50g/L EC

  • Description

Chlorfluazuron (CAS: 71422-67-8) is a chitin synthesis inhibiting insecticide used to control chewing pests.

Chlorfluazuron   Mode of action
Insect growth regulator which acts as an anti-moulting agent, leading to death of the larvae and pupae. Acts through ingestion.

Chlorfluazuron Uses
Control of Heliothis, Spodoptera, Bemisia tabaci and other chewing insects on cotton; and Plutella, thrips and other chewing insects on vegetables. Also used on fruit, potatoes, ornamentals and tea. Applied at 10–100 g/ha.

Chlorfluazuron  applicable crops
cotton, vegetables, fruit, potatoes, ornamentals and tea.

Available formulation
50g/L EC


Chlorfluazuron  Packing details 
10ML ~200L for liquid formulations, 1G~25KG for solid formulations
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