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Pirimicarb Model : 50%WDG

  • Description
Pirimicarb (CAS: 23103-98-2) is an insecticide for aphid control in a wide range of crops.
Pirimicarb Mode of action
Selective systemic insecticide with contact, stomach and respiratory action. Absorbed by the roots, and translocated through the xylem. Penetrates the leaves, but is not translocated extensively.


Pirimicarb Uses
A selective aphicide used in a wide range of crops, including cereals and oilseeds (at 125–250 g/ha), potatoes and other vegetables (at 125–375 g/ha), fruit (at 250–750 g/ha), ornamentals and other non-food uses (at 50–500 g/ha). Effective against organophosphorus-resistant Myzus persicae.


Pirimicarb Applicable crops
Wheat; Fruit including strawberries, apples, citrus; Vegetables; Potatoes; Beet crops; Cotton; OSR; Tobacco; Grasshouse crops; Ornamentals
Available formulation
Packaging details 
1G~25KG for solid formulations.
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