2017 China Pesticide Formulation Export Workshop closes successfully: AgroPages building a bridge for Chinese pesticide to go global

Posted on 2017-09-12
The 2017 China Pesticide Formulation Export Workshop was held in Qingdao on August 30, and was organized jointly by AgroPages and local pesticide industry associations. 
The workshop, which focused on the discussion of transformation of pesticide technical towards formulation, drew some 300 delegates from China’s top 100 agrochemical enterprises, including top management, such as board chairman, general manager, market director, as well as representatives from the formulation production, research, supply chain, securities, registration and consultancy sectors.

It received great support from China’s Qingdao Hansen Biologic Science Ltd., German registration consultancy Knoell and Ukrainian market survey company APK Inform.
At the workshop, officials from ICAMA were invited to elaborate on China’s latest pesticide export data and industry policy changes, as well as give precautionary advice on risk reassessment of some product varieties. AMVAC, Rotam, Willowood and Goodagro shared their market expediting experiences, while Knoell and APK Inform gave a detailed introduction to the European Union (EU) market and East European market from the registration consultancy and market survey perspectives.
The topics for discussion at the workshop were appraised by all participants. Furthermore, Rotam’s experience in establishing supply chain system and strategic development attracted considerable attention. Its business cooperation with Chinese exporters on a win-win basis was highly recognized.
At the final proceedings of Business Connecting, AgroPages published information on agrochemical sourcing from overseas buyers, covering technical material, single agent, mixture product and novel pesticide varieties. This information comes from pesticide importers, formulation producers and local agricultural material dealers in Southeast Asia, East Europe, the Commonwealth of the Independent States and Africa, who are hoping to establish effective business relations and a strategic partnership with excellent Chinese enterprises via AgroPages to open up their local market.
The release of sourcing information aroused great interest among the participants, who asked AgroPages for the contact details of these companies. 
Splendid workshop with hundreds of highlights  
Wu Houbin, the chief of ICAMA’s International Exchange and Service Division, explained to participants the changes in Chinese pesticide administration policies, where several active ingredients being reassessed by ICAMA were addressed, which is an alert on pesticide risk assessment. The risk reassessment may involve Prothioconazole, Carbendazim, Atrazine, Triazophos, Imidacloprid, Alachlor, Butachlor, Metacrate and Dimethacarb.

Wu Houbin, the chief of ICAMA’s International Exchange and Service Division
Dr He Xiaohua, German Knoell China’s regional general manager, shared his experience in EU registration of generic technical equivalence and formulation. This experience enables participants to have a clear understanding of the principle of equivalence in EU registration of technical material, as well as the registration process for EU generic crop protection products.
Xiaohua said local experts of Knoell distributed in 12 countries and 16 regions are able to provide support to customers with globalized import/export product registration service. Knoell is happy to provide specific consultancy service to enterprises wishing to enter into European market.


Dr He Xiaohua, German Knoell China’s regional general manager
Lana Synkovska, the marketing director of APK Inform, shared her business practices in agrochemical applications in Russia and Ukraine. The Russian market has a total volume of $1.224 billion, which is presently occupied by multinationals and local large-scale agrochemical enterprises, where the top 10 players take up 92 percent of the market share.
APK Inform was founded two decades ago, being an agriculture-oriented consultancy and providing customers with research report in agricultural development in the Commonwealth of Independent States, including Russia and Ukraine. 

Lana Synkovska, the marketing director of APK Inform
How to drive corporate transformation via technology? Lawrence Yu, regional president of Asia Pacific for AMVAC, explained their latest precision agriculture system SIMPAS™, which will be released in the market in 2017. The system is expected to also help AMVAC seize the opportunity of precision agriculture. Yu holds the view that the future of pesticide application may change, GMO is a revolution and precision agriculture will be another revolution. Pesticide industry players ought to pay due attention to the change.


Lawrence Yu, regional president of Asia Pacific for AMVAC
Abby Xu, global planning and outsourcing operation manager of Rotam, shared Rotam’s business strategy and working experience over the last few years, with respect to its fast development in the formulation market of Latin America. What is different from the new product marketing strategy of other multinationals, Rotam focused on product promotions in Latin America and conducted a large number of field trials, which allowed farmers to experience and acknowledge promoted products.


Abby Xu, global planning and outsourcing operation manager of Rotam
Besides the selection of multinationals as a partner of cooperation, Rotam would choose local companies with proprietary products and brands for cooperation, as these local companies are rooted in the local market and have their own resources, but have a lack of product for supply. Rotam’s advantage of the global supply chain serves as a foundation of cooperation between these strong companies. 
Wang Maoqin, the board chairman of Nanjing Goodagro, shared his experience in its approaches to formulation innovation. At present, Goodagro is moving towards competitive formulations of the company, such as floating granule, thin-shell fast-release microcapsule suspension, spraying granulation-based water dispersible granule and suspended seed coating agent. Goodagro is taking the lead in China for the development of forefront pesticide formulations, such as the new-generation microcapsule suspension, floating granule, automatic and clean wet granulation-based dry suspensions, suspended seed coating agents. Goodagro is also making a change from an OEM formulation supplier to the establishment of its own brands in both the Chinese domestic and international markets.


Wang Maoqin, the board chairman of Nanjing Goodagro
Shen Shaojun, Willowood China’s representative, introduced their marketing experiences in the agrochemical market. Willowood attaches great importance to product quality, pursues the “quality first” concept and has spent efforts on well-designed outer packaging for the satisfaction of customers. With regards to marketing, Willowood is of the opinion that the development of a terminal market should not simply copy what is done by multinationals, but take innovative action as driven by market demand. Furthermore, Willowood has fully utilized advanced facilities and industrial experiences. At the investment and research center, a number of research activities are conducted, such as a lab test, formulation experiment, GLP analysis, toxicity detection, field trial and residue test, which provides strong assistance for the fast process of registration and market access.


Shen Shaojun, Willowood China’s representative
Over the recent two years, the importance of a stabilized supply chain of agrochemical enterprises has appeared to be prominent. As to how to build a sound supply chain under such background, Lu Jian, Rotam’s senior procurement manager, shared with participants how they conducted divisional, multi-dimensional and in-depth collaboration with suppliers, with regards to the supply chain and value chain via utilization of Rotam’s global platform advantage, which has brought maximum value to partners of cooperation. Lu Jian also gave an introduction to the modern management tools that have been used by the company, which enabled Rotam to achieve its optimal management and enhanced competitive edge.


Lu Jian, Rotam’s senior procurement manager
A workshop highly praised by all participants 
After the workshop, participants came up to the AgroPages staff and expressed their gratitude for the fruitful workshop, hoping to also join in the next session of the workshop.
Lana Synkovska, the marketing director of APK Inform, expressed thanks to AgroPages for organizing the workshop, which gave APK the chance of meeting with excellent Chinese pesticide exporters. As a sponsor for the workshop, Synkovska said the workshop was  organized in an orderly way, with a presentation of rich topics, well supported by interpreters throughout the workshop, beginning from the reception up to discussions, which was very impressive.
Dr He Xiaohua, German Knoell China’s regional general manager, expressed that the workshop was a high-level workshop; the topics for discussion were splendid. After the workshop, she also met with a number of Chinese enterprises, saying that the exchanges were fruitful, hoping that there would be another chance of attending such kind of workshops organized by AgroPages in the future.
Abby Xu, global planning and outsourcing operations manager of Rotam, saif she was really inspired by the workshop and through exchanges with industry players. She asked AgroPages when there would be another workshop of the kind and said she would be pleased to join again. Senior Sourcing Manager Lu Jian expressed hope of more intensified cooperation with AgroPages.
In 2018, the next session of China Pesticide Formulation Export Workshop will move to Hangzhou. We look forward to more participants joining us and donating more presentations to continue our dialogue in greater depth with prime Chinese pesticide exporters and manufacturers for the establishment of a strategic partnership.
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