Abamectin granted registration for control of citrus meloidogyne, first time in China

Posted on 2020-07-31
As per China Pesticide Registration Watch, on May 22, the abamectin 0.5% GR filed by a Chinese agrochemical company was granted registration for the control of the citrus meloidogyne. This is the first-time approval of abamectin in China for this application.
Previously, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs approved the registration of 376 abamectin products for application to citrus trees (products within validity), of which 375 products are for control of pests and mites such as leaf miner, white fly, spiny white fly, plant louse, scale insect, spider mite, spider mite and rust mite, whilst only abamectin 0.1% bait concentrate is used to trap and kill the fruit fly. In addition, an emamectin benzoate mixture product (emamectin.pyridaben 15.5% EC) is registered for control of the citrus red spider.


Source: AgroNews