Canada to approve PGR Trinexapac-ethyl

Posted on 2020-10-09
Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), under the authority of the Pest Control Products Act, is proposing registration for the sale and use of Trinexapac-ethyl Technical and MODDUS, containing the technical grade active ingredient trinexapac-ethyl, for use on spring wheat, winter wheat, barley and oat as a plant growth regulator to reduce susceptibility to lodging (falling/leaning over).
Trinexapac-ethyl is a plant growth regulator that inhibits the biosynthesis of gibberellin. Gibberellin is a plant hormone that promotes growth of various plant organs. By inhibiting gibberellin, trinexapac-ethyl treatment reduces plant height thereby reducing the tendency to lean or fall over.
MODDUS is used to reduce height and lodging of wheat, barley and oat crops thereby maximizing harvestable yield.
Lodging can reduce photosynthesis and carbohydrate movement within plants, which contributes to uneven maturity, increased likelihood of the development of diseases on foliage and grain, reduced grain yield and quality as well as a reduction in the efficiency of the harvesting operation. MODDUS represents a new active ingredient that may be used as a crop growth management aid to reduce height and lodging in wheat and barley and is the only one available for use in oat.


Source: Health Canada