China pesticides export value up 28% in 2012

Posted on 2013-01-23

According to the Chinese Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals of Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA), ended by December 11th, China import & export volume of pesticides grew by 14.6% to 1.66 million tonnes and the value increased by 26.9% to $8.5 billion. China exported the pesticidesto 181 countries, which is flat over that in 2011.


Among them, export volume of pesticides rose by 14.3% to 1.61 million tonnes and export value grew by 28.1% to $7.93 billion. Import volume of pesticides grew by 26.3% to 53,800 tonnes, which the growth dipped by 5.2% in 2011. Imported value grew by 12.5% to $568 million, which is lower than the growth of 13.8% in 2011.


According to Ye Jiming, deputy director of ICAMA, the following three features are noticeable: first, China's import & export of pesticides to maintain rapid growth; second, the growth of import & export value showed significantly higher than the growth of export volume; third, the growth of import & export value of pesticides is higher than the total national value of import and export trade.