By Think Real - On 4 Nov., 2016, the Vice Head of the Planting Industry Department, the Ministry of Agriculture of China (MOA) said on the 2016 Pesticide Distribution Situation Analysis and Experience Exchange Meeting that the current national pesticide capacity exceeds 3 million t/a,; the application volume in the domestic market in last year accounted for 37.1% of the total and the export volume was 62.9%. Compared with the last several years, the domestic application volume, export volume and total output declined.
Currently, the MOA is implementing the “action of zero growth in pesticide application volume” and it predicts that by 2020, the national pesticide application volume will decrease by 10% over 2015. It will realize the goal by the following means.
1.          To research, develop and apply highly-effective and low-capacity pesticides to substitute low-effective and high-capacity ones.
2.          To screen and promote highly-effective and modern pesticide spraying machine to replace sprayers.
3.          To strengthen green prevention and control to substitute the chemical one; support the development of unified prevention and control of diseases and pests.
4.          To find out other means to improve the utilization of pesticides.
Moreover, it was also announced on the meeting about the trial results for the construction of credit system of pesticide production and operation units in 2016 and the host issued certificates for 22 pesticide production units with the credit level of “A” including Hebei Veyong Bio-Chemical Co., Ltd. and 8 pesticide sale units with the credit level of “A” including Beijing Chenghe Jiaxin Agricultural Means of Production Trade Co., Ltd.