Chinese Agriculture Ministry’s new pesticide regulations effective from August 1

Posted on 2017-07-19
The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture passed a resolution at its sixth executive meeting on June 23 regarding the implementation of five pesticide regulations, which will come into effect from August 1 this year.
The new regulations are: Pesticide Registration Regulation under ref MOA-Decree 2017-3, Pesticide Production Permit Regulation under ref MOA-Decree 2017-4, Pesticide Business Licensing Regulation under ref MOA-Decree 2017-5, Pesticide Registration Tests Regulation under ref MOA-Decree 2017-6 and Pesticide Labels & Manuals Regulation under ref MOA-Decree 2017-7.
These are aimed at a combination of pesticide production with agricultural production towards an integrated whole-process and the administration of pesticide-oriented production, experimentation, product registration and lifecycle management.
With regards to pesticide registration, the new regulations have raised the registration entry level, formulated relevant rules and will encourage the registration of novel pesticides. To promote pesticide application in niche crops through a scientific approach, the new regulations have mitigated the required registration data for similar products and for niche crops. Moreover, supervision of trials has been strengthened.
For pesticide production, the new regulations have more clearly defined the division of governmental responsibility for administration of pesticide production, where the agricultural administration departments shall be in unison, responsible for the administration of pesticide production. 
This is noted as a highlight of the new regulations. For pesticide production licensing, the “1-producer 1-license” system shall be adopted and subjected to unified examination and approval conditions.