Essence Ranks among China Top 50 Pesticide Formulation Enterprises in 2015

Posted on 2016-05-24
The lists of China Top 100 Pesticide Enterprises and Top 50 Pesticide Formulation Enterprises in 2015 were published by China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) on May 11, 2016. In 2015, the industry’s overall benefit has declined due to several reasons, including the over capacity, homogenization of competition, and the adverse industry policies. Operating income of over 800 enterprise above designated size increased 5.1%, while profit slightly up 1.7%. The agrochemical import and export first dropped in 5 years. We, Nanjing Essence ranks 25 among the Top 50 Pesticide Formulation Enterprises, achieving sales of RMB 236 million.


China Top 100 Pesticide Enterprises in 2015
RankingCompanySales of 2015
(Million Yuan)
Sales of 2014
(Million Yuan)
1Nanjing Red Sun Co., Ltd.3,5453,547-0.06%
2Zhejiang Wynca Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.3,3983,805-10.70%
3Nutrichem Company Limited3,3333,737-10.81%
4Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Co., Ltd.3,0502,8208.16%
5Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical Co., Ltd.2,9123,097-5.97%
6Jiangsu Huifeng Agrochemical Co., Ltd.2,8542,32122.96%
7Jiangsu Lianhe Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.2,7562,5707.24%
8Sinochem Crop Protection Co., Ltd.2,630//
9Shandong Binnong Technology Co., Ltd.2,3722,2555.19%
10Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.2,0072,589-22.48%
11Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd.1,9223,019-36.34%
12Noposion Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.1,8992,203-13.80%
13Jiangsu Changqing Agrochemical Co., Ltd.1,8151,8010.78%
14Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical&Chemicals Co., Ltd.1,7892,102-14.89%
15Dow AgroSciences (China) Co.,Ltd1,747//
16Zhejiang Jinfanda Biochemical Co., Ltd.1,6633,025-45.02%
17Jiangsu Sevencontinent Green Chemical Co., Ltd.1,6311,4869.76%
18Jiangsu Changlong Chemicals Co., Ltd.1,5581,34016.27%
19Jiangsu Rotam Chemistry Co., Ltd.1,5431,38811.17%
20Sichuan Leshan Fuhua Tongda Agro-Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.1,4952,652-43.63%
21Syngenta (Nantong) Crop Protection Co., Ltd1,47889864.59%
22Lier Chemical Co., Ltd.1,4681,31711.47%
23Bayer Cropscience China Ltd.1,4551,507-3.45%
24Shandong Qiaochang Chemical Co., Ltd.1,4101,4010.64%
25Jiangsu Kesheng Group Co., Ltd.1,3931,2848.49%
26Hubei Taisheng Chemical Co., Ltd.1,391//
27Yifan Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd.1,3841,23611.97%
28Jiangsu Tianrong Group Co., Ltd.1,3591,874-27.48%
29Yongnong Biosciences Co., Ltd.1,3521,3202.42%
30Anhui Guangxin Agrochemical Co., Ltd.1,3251,2149.14%
31Jiangsu Fengshan Group Co., Ltd.1,3231,09820.49%
32Shandong Luba Chemical Co., Ltd.1,2892,008-35.81%
33CAC Group Co., Ltd1,1891,1206.16%
34Qingdao Hansen Biologic Science Co., Ltd.1,1301,02110.68%
35Shandong Sino-Agri United Biotechnology Co., Ltd.1,0331,0330.00%
36Guangxi Tianyuan Biochemistry Co., Ltd.1,0311,069-3.55%
37Hailir Pesticides And Chemicals Group Co., Ltd.1,01691411.16%
38Shandong Huayang Science And Technology Co., Ltd.1,01488414.71%
39Jiangsu Sword Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.1,00991010.88%
40Jiangsu Good Harvest-Weien Agrochemical Co., Ltd.1,0021,375-27.13%
41Hebei Veyong Bio-Chemical Co., Ltd.9378964.58%
42Shandong Cynda Chemical Co., Ltd.9008901.12%
43Zhejiang Heben Pesticide&Chemicals Co., Ltd.88078711.82%
44Syngenta (Suzhou) Crop Protection Co., Ltd8761,002-12.57%
45Shandong Vicome Greenland Chemical Co., Ltd.863916-5.79%
46Limin Chemical Co., Ltd.82858142.51%
47Hunan Haili Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.8241,110-25.77%
48Dupont Agricultural Chemicals Ltd., Shanghai809901-10.21%
49Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd8077704.81%
50Shijiazhuang Xingbai Bioengineering Co.Ltd.78668414.91%
51Shandong Kesai Agrochem Holding Company7777483.88%
52Jingbo Agrochemicals Technology Co., Ltd.772802-3.74%
53Hubei Xianlong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.7356808.09%
54Shandong A&Fine Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.7216825.72%
55GuangDong ZhongXun Agri-science Corporation7196894.35%
56Beijing Bioseen Crop Sciences Co., Ltd.71357623.78%
57Jiangyin Suli Chemical Co., Ltd69154526.79%
58Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd.687696-1.29%
59Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.653911-28.32%
60Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemical Co., Ltd610763-20.05%
61Sichuan Beier Group Co., Ltd.590687-14.12%
62Jiangsu Fengdeng Crop Science Co., Ltd.56750113.17%
63Shanghai Unilinb Crop Science and Technology Co., Ltd.5425204.23%
64FMC (Suzhou) Crop Care Co., Ltd.5385046.75%
65Hangzhou Udragon Chemical Co., Ltd.5355173.48%
66Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical Co., Ltd.535539-0.74%
67Jiangsu Agrochem Laboratory Co Ltd530759-30.17%
68ChongQing ShuRong Chemical Co., Ltd.5204876.78%
69Zhejiang Well-Done Chemical Co., Ltd51845015.11%
70Jiangxi Zhengbang Chemical Co., Ltd.5084844.96%
71Hebei Shuangji Chemical Co., Ltd.4954744.43%
72Zibo Nab Agrochemicals Limited481491-2.04%
73Jinan Tianbang Chemical Co., Ltd.480//
74Hebei Sanlen Agrochemical Co., Ltd.46942510.35%
75Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.4674269.62%
76Anhui Fengle Agrochemical Co., Ltd.466541-13.86%
77Jiangxi Tianren Ecology Co., Ltd.443544-18.57%
78Rosi Chemical Co., Ltd.4254191.43%
79Jiangsu Jiangu Chem., Ltd.42135020.29%
80Shandong Lufeng Pesticide Co., Ltd.415588-29.42%
81Zhongnongfa Henan Agrochemical Co., Ltd.415//
82Hebei Haoyang Chemical Co., Ltd.412421-2.14%
83Jiangsu Tenglong Biological & Medicinal Co., Ltd.411420-2.14%
84Ningbo Sunjoy Cropscience Co., Ltd.407//
85Shandong Dacheng Pestcide Co., Ltd.39632422.22%
86Jilin Bada Pesticide Co., Ltd.3923920.00%
87Jiangsu Repont Pesticide Factory Co., Ltd.3903734.56%
88Shaanxi Sunger Road Bio-science Co., Ltd.385394-2.28%
89Sichuan Guoguang Agrochemical Co., Ltd367584-37.16%
90Jilin Jinqiu Pesticide Co., Ltd.362//
91Jiangsu Chunjiang Runtian Agro-chemical Co., Ltd.358384-6.77%
92Dalian Songliao Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.3543540.00%
93Shandong Yier Chemical Co., Ltd.350525-33.33%
94Lianyungang Jindun Agrochemical Co., Ltd.349//
95Jiangxi Heyi Chemicals Co., Ltd.344//
96Sinon Chemical (China) Co., Ltd.3373292.43%
97Shandong Kexin Biochemical Co., Ltd.335354-5.37%
98Anhui JuKai Agrochemical Co., Ltd.330350-5.71%
99Shannxi Hentin Chem-tech Co., Ltd.322335-3.88%
100Hebei Guanlong Agrochemical Co.,Ltd.320//

China Top 50 Pesticide Formulation Enterprises in 2015
RankingCompanySales of 2015
(Million Yuan)
Sales of 2014
(Million Yuan)
1Noposion Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.1,8992,203-13.80%
2Jiangsu Rotam Chemistry Co., Ltd.1,5431,38811.17%
3Guangxi Tianyuan Biochemistry Co., Ltd.1,0311,069-3.55%
4Syngenta (Suzhou) Crop Protection Co., Ltd8761,002-12.57%
5GuangDong ZhongXun Agri-science Corporation7196894.35%
6Guangxi Yiduoshou Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.717//
7Beijing Bioseen Crop Sciences Co., Ltd.71357623.78%
8FMC (Suzhou) Crop Care Co., Ltd.5385046.75%
9ChongQing ShuRong Chemical Co., Ltd.5204876.78%
10Zhejiang Well-Done Chemical Co., Ltd51845015.11%
11Jiangxi Zhengbang Chemical Co., Ltd.5084844.96%
12Zibo Nab Agrochemicals Limited481//
13Jinan Tianbang Chemical Co., Ltd.48030060.00%
14Jiangxi Tianren Ecology Co., Ltd.443//
15Jilin Bada Pesticide Co., Ltd.3923920.00%
16Shaanxi Sunger Road Bio-science Co., Ltd.385394-2.28%
17Sinon Chemical (China) Co., Ltd.337//
18Shaanxi Hentin Chem-Tech Co., Ltd.322335-3.88%
19Hainan Zhengyezhongnong Gaoke Co., Ltd.3002807.14%
20Shaanxi Meibang Pesticide Co., Ltd.29025215.08%
21Qingdao Jiner Agrochemicals(Group)R&D Co., Ltd.27821330.52%
22Jiangxi Bumper Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.26122118.10%
23Jiangsu Dongbao Agrochemical Co., Ltd.2582493.61%
24Shanghai Vegcides Bio-Farm (Nanchang) Co., Ltd.25221716.13%
25Jiangsu Essence Agrochemical Co., Ltd.236285-17.19%
26Guangxi Antai Chemicals Co., Ltd.235290-18.97%
27Jiangmen Crop Protection Co., Ltd.22619615.31%
28Tianjin Huayu Agriculture Chemical Ltd.198205-3.41%
29Anhui Youngsun Pesticide Co., Ltd.1921853.78%
30Jiangxi Xinruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd.189//
31Guangxi Research Institute of Chemical Industry189293-35.49%
32Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co., Ltd.185231-19.91%
33Shanghai Huikwang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.180200-10.00%
34ShangHai Yuelian Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.173//
35Weihai Han Fu Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.167//
36Harbin Limin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.166//
37Anyang Quanfeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd. 161//
38Langfang Pesticide Pilot Plant(IPPCAAS)161//
39Shaanxi Harmonious Team Technology Industries Co., Ltd.160//
40Deqiang Biology Co., Ltd.147//
41Pilarquim (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.142192-26.04%
42Jiangmen Daguangming Agrochemical Xinhui Co., Ltd.128//
43Sino-Agri Leading(Tianjin) Agrochemical Co., Ltd.117//
44Shanghai Shengnong Pesticide Co., Ltd112//
45Chifeng Zhongnongda Biotech Co., Ltd.112//
46Anhui Meiland Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.102//
47Tianjin Shipule Pesticide Technial Dep.Co., Ltd.101230-56.09%
48Zhoukou Hongqi Pesticide Co., Ltd.101//
49Anhui Yinong Chemical Co., Ltd.101//
50Huizhou Yinnong Technology Co., Ltd.100//
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