Jiangsu China: 1,000 non-compliant chemical works to be shut down in 3 years

Posted on 2018-09-12
On September 4, the Jiangsu Provincial Government held a press conference to announce the shutdown of 1,000 chemical works, which were not environmentally compliant and had safety issues, in the next three years. According to information, the chances of opening new chemical projects in Jiangsu in the future are almost zero. 
Jiangsu Province is working on an initiative to upgrade the chemical, steel making, coal-based power generation industry sectors, focusing on a chain industry-based industrial deployment. The initiative aims at adjustment of the production structure of industrial enterprises, optimization of the industrial structure and geographic location and promotion of an in-depth industry chain collaboration so as to cultivate advanced, green, safe and environment-friendly industrial clusters.  
By 2020, Jiangsu Province expects to complete its regulatory action on the chemical industry. Some 1,000 chemical works which are not environmentally compliant and have safety issues will be shutdown in the next three years; the number of riverside hazardous chemical wharf warehousing service companies will not be increased, but will only be reduced; the percentage of chemical works and liquid chemical wharfs in designated industrial parks is required to reach 50%; all chemical parks which are not up to environmental compliance requirements will be shut down.
Jiangsu Province will conduct the streamlining of 54 chemical parks within the province. An exit mechanism will be established to call off chemical parks, which are not up to standard; elimination of low-efficient capacity will be speeded up; outdated and excessive capacity will be definitely shut down.
Jiangsu Province also plans to optimize the distribution of the chemical wharf warehousing service, and to promote resettlement of hazardous chemical wharf warehousing in designated industrial parks. The standardized management of the hazardous chemical wharf warehousing service within industrial parks will be strengthened to ensure public safety.



Source: AgroNews