By Think Real - On 25 Nov. 2016, at the 32th China Crop Protection Information Exchange & Pesticide Machinery Trade Information Release Conference held in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, Zhuang Runqing, General Director of Qingdao KingAgroot Co., Ltd. (KingAgroot) introduced their 4 patented herbicides, namely “环吡氟草酮” (a solution for multi-resistant grasses especially alopecurus in wheat), “双唑草酮” (a solution for major multi-resistant broadleaf weeds in wheat), “三唑磺草酮” (an ultimate solution for post-emergence control of multi-resistant echinochloa in rice) and “苯唑氟草酮” (a solution for high-efficient control of grasses and broadleaf weeds in corn), “Now they are processed for registration, and will be launched onto the market soon,” said Zhuang Runqing.
“苯唑氟草酮”, targeted at corn field, is a HPPD inhibitor. On 3 May, it was officially named by the Standardisation Committee, part of China Crop Protection Industry Association. It takes effect in weeds such as barnyardgrass, setaria viridis and chloris virgata.
“三唑磺草酮”, targeted at rice field, is also a HPPD inhibitor. It was also named by the committee on 3 May this year. Its efficacy on barnyardgrass,semen euphorbiae and some broadleaves is very excellent.
“双唑草酮”, targeted at wheat field, is a HPPD inhibitor. Its naming was on 17 December, 2015. Specifically, it can be mixed in a flexible way, with many herbicide ingredients, to effectively prevent and control broadleaves of strong drug resistance. It can effectively prevent and control gramineous weeds, especially alopecurus aequalis sobol. KingAgroot believed that it would be the first Chinese patented herbicide to be launched onto America and Europe.