Locust invasion causes huge losses to farmers in Afghanistan’s northern provinces

Posted on 2023-06-02

Locust invasion has caused huge losses to farmers in Afghanistan's northern provinces, Afghanistan-based TOLO News reported. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations said that the invasion of locusts has caused more than 6,000 hectares of agricultural land to be destroyed in some northern provinces of the country.


"The Moroccan locust is regarded as the world's most economically impactful plant pest, it eats more than 150 plant pests and more than 50 food crops," said Richard Trenchard, FAO Representative in Afghanistan, according to TOLO News. According to the FAO representative, considering the current situation it's necessary to help farmers immediately.


Richard Trenchard said: "We need to pre-position to ensure households who could lose everything can receive the food assistance they may need. Most of the agriculture support, and emergency assistance, they may need ... it's another thing about the Moroccan locust, it can multiply year to year one hundred times. We need to make sure that next year we don't see a far worse outbreak." Farmers said they do not have the means to destroy locusts, and aid organizations should help the farmers.


"The Moroccan locust has destroyed 300 acres of my wheat field and 31,000 acres of land in this area where ten villages are located," said Najibullah, a farmer, according to TOLO News. Badakhshan, Badghis, Baghlan, Balkh, Sur e Pul, Samangan, and Takhar are provinces facing huge losses due to locusts.


Source: Devdiscourse

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