Only one pesticide technical product approved by ICAMA in July 2019

Posted on 2019-08-14
According to the China Pesticide Registration Watch, 18 product registrations were approved by the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA) in July, 2019, including six herbicides, four insecticides, three hygienic insecticides, two plant growth regulators (PGR), one fungicide, one insecticide/fungicide, and one fungicide/insecticide.
Only one pesticide technical product was registered in July,”75% Ethephon TC” from Jiangsu Corechem Co. Ltd.
Among the others registered, Glufosinate-ammonium and Glyphosatelead had three approved products, while Azoxystrobin, Fludioxonil, Beta-cypermethrin had two approved, and Ethephon and Prochloraz also had two.
The top 10 registered products are:

In July, Shanghai Shengnong Pesticide Co. Ltd. was granted registration approval for 40% Bifenthrin·Thiacloprid SC and 10% Beta-cypermethrin·Pyriproxyfen ME.
As a private company focusing on scientific and technological innovation and research and development, Shanghai Shengnong has cooperated with the East China University of Science and Technology since 2011 in developing a new pesticide, Cycloxaprid, and established a joint research and development center. 
Cycloxaprid is a neonicotinoid insecticide used for controlling various pests, such as rice planthoppers. In 2018, Cycloxaprid was first registered in China, providing an alternative solution for the prevention and control of serious agricultural pests.


Source: AgroNews