Pesticide registrations and importation in the Philippines in 2022

Posted on 2023-08-11

In 2022, the Philippines' Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA)'s Pesticide Regulations Division (PRD) issued 7,262 regulatory documents. These include the issuance of Experimental Use Permit (EUP), processing of product registration, licensing of pesticide handlers, Certificate Authorizing Importation of Pesticide (CAIP), and other certificates.

Product Registrations

Pesticide product registration ensures that the product is effective in controlling pests, and it provides farmers and other users with the necessary information for proper application and usage. Such a process also ensures that the input is thoroughly tested for its potential impact and that its use does not harm the environment.

For this year, a total of 1,071 pesticide products were registered.

Pesticide Importation

Pesticide importation this year totaled 66,167.11 MT, valued at 1,406,635,229.71 USD – consisting of 64,278.65 MT of formulated products, valued at 1,384,697,134.90 USD, and 1,888.46 MT of technical materials, valued at 21,938,094.81 USD. Herbicides had the highest import volume at 22,972.18 MT, followed by fungicides at 18,374.07 MT. However, fungicides had the largest import value, with 1,057,123,502.64 USD. Insecticides follow with 194,628,082.29 USD.

Total importation volume declined by 12.86% (9,767.31 MT) compared to 2021, but the importation value increased by 281.86%, equivalent to 1,038,271,207.47 USD.



Table 1: Comparison of 2022 vs. 2021 Pesticide Importation Volume and Value


Source: FPA

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