The price of glyphosate in China continued to went down

Posted on 2019-02-21
The energy market has continued to fluctuate in the near future, and chemical products have been consolidating. The price ofglyphosate continued to fall, down to 25,500 yuan / ton, and the terminal market didn’t show much willingness to buy.  
The glufosinate technical manufacturers seized the terminal market at low prices. The downstream demand was not high with the price fell back within 155,000 yuan / ton. The market outlook still needs to be observed.
The upstream and downstream stocks of diquat technical are large. The price is 3.8 million yuan/ton with the channel needing to digests the original inventory. 
The overall turnover of amide herbicides was sluggish, with manufacturers mainly delivering pre-orders, and the downstream prices were stable. The price of pretilachlor technical was at 37,000 yuan/ton. Acetochlor technical was at 23,000 yuan/ton. Butachlor technical was reported to 25,000 yuan/ton.. The price of propisochlor is quoted at 25,500 yuan/ton, and the metolachlor is quoted at 25,000 yuan/ton.


Source: AgroNews