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Flusilazole Model : 7.5%EC, 40%EC, 25%WG(WDG), 25%EW, 25%ME

  • Description
Flusilazole(CAS No.85509-19-9) is a systemic fungicide with protective and curative action. Its resistance to wash-off, redistribution by rainfall and vapour phase activity are important components in its biological activity.


Flusilazole Useage 
Flusilazole is a broad spectrum, systemic, preventive and curative fungicide effective against many pathogens (Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes and Deuteromycetes). It is recommended for use on many crops, such as: apples(Venturia inaequalis, Podosphaera leucotricha); peaches(Sphaerotheca pannosa, Monilia laxa); cereals(all major diseases); grapes(Uncinula necator, Guignardia bidwellii); sugar beet(Cercospora beticola, Erysiphe betae); maize(Helminthosporium turcicum); sunflowers(Phomopsis helianthi); oilseed rape(Pseudocercosporella capsellae, Pyrenopeziza brassicae); bananas(Mycosphaerella spp.).


Flusilazole Available formulation
Flusilazole 40%EC, 7.5%EC
Flusilazole 25%WG(WDG)
Flusilazole 25%EW
Flusilazole 25%ME


Flusilazole Packaging details 
Customized 10ML ~200L for liquid formulations.


Flusilazole applicable crops
apples, peaches, cereals, grapes, sugar beet, maize, sunflowers, oilseed rape, bananas,
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