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Folpet + Fosetyl-aluminium Model : 25%+50%WP

  • Description
Folpet + Fosetyl-aluminium is a formulated mixture of fungicide, which could be used to control a wide range of plant diseases effectively.


Folpet + Fosetyl-aluminium Useage
Folpet is used for controlling of downy mildews, powdery mildews, leaf spot diseases, scab, excoriosis, black rot, white rot, Gloeosporium rots, Botrytis, Alternaria, Pythium, and Rhizoctonia spp. in pome fruit, stone fruit, soft fruit, citrus fruit, vines, olives, hops, potatoes, lettuce, cucurbits, onions, leeks, celery, tomatoes and ornamentals.
Fosetyl-aluminium is used for controlling of diseases caused by e.g. Phytophthora, Pythium, Plasmopara, Bremia spp., etc. on a variety of crops including vines, fruit (citrus, pineapples, avocados, stone fruit and pome fruit), berries, vegetables, hops, ornamentals and turf. Application rates range from 1-7 kg/ha in citrus, 2 kg/ha in tree nuts, up to 3.6 kg/ha in pome fruit, 2 kg/ha in grapesand 2.4-4.5 kg/ha in cucumber. Also useful activity against several bacterial plant pathogens.


Folpet + Fosetyl-aluminium Available formulation
Folpet 25% + Fosetyl-aluminium50% WP


Folpet + Fosetyl-aluminium Packaging details
Customized 1G~25KG for solid formulations.
Folpet + Fosetyl-aluminium applicable crops
berries, vegetables, turf, nuts, cucumber, pome fruit, stone fruit, soft fruit, citrus fruit, vines, olives, hops, potatoses, lettuce, cucurbits, onions, leeks, celery, tomatoes, Ornamentalss