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Pyrimethanil Model : 25%WP, 30%SC, 40%SC, 60%SC

  • Description
Pyrimethanil(CAS No.53112-28-0) is a Protectant (in Botrytis) and both protective and curative action (in Venturia).


Pyrimethanil Useage 
Pyrimethanil is used for controlling of grey mould (Botrytis cinerea) on vines, fruit, vegetables and ornamentals. Control of leaf scab (Venturia inaequalis or V. pirina) on pome fruit.


Pyrimethanil Available formulation
Pyrimethanil 30%SC, 40%SC, 60%SC
Pyrimethanil 25%WP


Pyrimethanil Packaging details 
Customized 10ML ~200L for liquid formulations.


Pyrimethanil applicable crops
vines, fruit, vegetables, Ornamentals, pome fruit, strawberry, tomatos, cucumber, grapes, tobacco,
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