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Quizalofop-P-tefuryl Model : 40g/L EC

  • Description
Quizalofop-P-tefuryl(94051-08-8) is a systemic herbicide, absorbed from the leaf surface, with translocation throughout the plant, moving in both the xylem and phloem, and accumulating in the meristematic tissue.
Quizalofop-P-tefuryl Useage
Quizalofop-P-tefuryl is used for controlling annual grasses, such as Avena fatua and Alopecurus myosuroides, and perennial grasses, such as Sorghum halepense and Elymus repens.
Quizalofop-P-tefuryl Available formulation
Quizalofop-P-tefuryl 40g/L EC
Quizalofop-P-tefuryl Packaging details
Customized 10ML ~200L for liquid formulation.


Quizalofop-P-tefuryl applicable crops
oilseed rape, sugar beet, fodder beet, potatoes, linseed, sunflowers, peas, field beans and other pulse crops.
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