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Copper oxychloride Model : 35%WP, 50%WP, 75%WP, 85%WP

  • Description
Copper oxychloride(CAS No.1332-40-7, 1332-65-6) is a foliar fungicide with preventative action. Deposits must be on the crop before fungal spores begin to germinate.


Copper oxychloride Useage 
Copper oxychloride is used for controlling of late blight of potatoes, tomatoes and other vegetables; leaf spot diseases of beet, celery, celeriac, parsley, olives, currants, and gooseberries; downy mildews of vines, hops, spinach, and ornamentals; canker and scab of pome fruit and stone fruit; scab, canker, and melanose of citrus fruit; asparagusrust; peachleaf curl; shot-hole of stone fruit; cane diseases of raspberries and blackberries; leaf spot and leaf scorch of strawberries; anthracnose and blister blight of tea; leaf spot and downy mildew of cucumbers and melons; bacterial diseases of lettuce; etc. Applied at 2-4 kg/ha or 300-400 g/100 l.


Copper oxychloride Phytotoxicity
Non-phytotoxic at the recommended rates, except to carrots and potatoes under certain conditions. Russetting may occur with some varieties of apple.


Copper oxychloride Available formulation
Copper oxychloride 35%WP, 50%WP, 75%WP, 85%WP


Copper oxychloride Packaging details 
Customized 1G~25KG for solid formulations.


Copper oxychloride applicable crops
potatoes, tomatoes, vegetables, beet, celery, celeriac, parsley, olives, currants, gooseberries, vines, hops, spinach, Ornamentals, pome fruit, stone fruit, citrus fruit, asparagus , peach, stone fruit, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, tea, cucumbers, melons, lettuce,
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